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2 servings

Super good start of the day and superfood for your gut. Fermented overnight porridge is packed with probiotics and vitamins, making it an excellent treatment for your body and mind.


1 glass - nut milk (or berry smoothie)

2 tbsp - Fermentful original kefir

4 tbsp - rolled oats

1 tbsp - chia seeds

1 tbsp - flaxseeds (and other seeds)

1 handful of dried fruits and berries

1 handful nuts (we prefer walnuts)

*you can add any superfood powders to boost up the nutrition such as spirulina, maca, cacao, protein, etc.


  1. mix all ingredients in the jar. Stir well and close the lid;

  2. leave overnight at room temperature to ferment (8 hours is totally enough);

  3. if the porridge looks very thick, add more milk or kefir and stir before serving;

  4. serve with some fresh berries and fruits on the top.



Keep it in the fridge after 8h of fermentation for

up to 3 days.

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