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Fermented plant-based

drinks for your gut health

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Healthy drink to mind,

body, and the planet

What's in

our plants?

Green buckwheat is a unique grain-like seed. It has many benefits being in the superfood product category. Its protein contains all essential amino acids including lysine entirely absent in other plants. 

Furthermore, it's naturally allergen-free

and gluten-free. Green buckwheat has antioxidant properties and it's a rich source of B vitamins and micronutrients such as K, Mg, P, Fe, Zn.

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It's more 

than just 

a drink

There are multiple ways you can apply Fermentful green buckwheat kefir as part of the healthy plant-based diet on daily basis and support your gut microbiome and digestion system, boost immunity and increase your mental wellbeing.

The best way to enjoy Fermentful