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Drinks For Your Gut Health

Gluten Free

100% Plant Based

BIO Certified

Tested In Artificial Gut

Superfood Ingredients

Products We Make

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Fermented Drinks For Healthy

Body, Mind And The Planet

What Our Customers Are Saying

Super nice new product! I use kefir regularly and this one tastes really good and is made from plants. Chocolate one is my favorite. I make smoothies for the kids and they love it!

Jenna, Finland

Sensitive tummy savior! Latvian @fermentful has developed a perfect, fermented buckwheat-based drink. I have been so bored with oats lately.

Noora, Finland

Fermentful is a part of my daily routine. I love classic one, but I can't resist the chocolate flavor as well. It is a nutritious drink and bottle fits perfectly in my bag so when I have full day with meetings it gives me much needed energy boost. I highly recommend it!”

Dragana, Denmark

What's In Our Plants?

Green buckwheat is a unique grain-like seed which is Baltic region superfood. Its protein contains all essential amino acids. It is naturally gluten-free and contains high amount of polyphenol which has strong antioxidant properties. Green buckwheat is a rich source of minerals like Cu, Mn, Fe, Zn.

Top of all green buckwheat is extremely sustainable. It improves the quality of soil, and it doesn't require synthetic nitrogen or chemical fertilizers when it’s farmed, so that means we are going to use less chemical fertilizers, reducing water pollution and water waste, and we will be keeping our soil healthy by preserving the microbiome.

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It's More Than

Just a Drink

There are multiple ways you can apply Fermentful green buckwheat kefir as part of the healthy

plant-based diet on daily basis and support your gut microbiome and digestion system, boost immunity and increase your mental wellbeing.

The best way to enjoy Fermentful

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