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Gluten Free

100% Plant Based

BIO Certified

Tested In Artificial Gut

Probiotic Rich

Support your gut health

deliciously every day

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Bringing real value to our customers

I really absolutely loved it. The texture is just soooo good.

And you really taste the


Laura, Latvia

Sensitive tummy savior! Latvian @fermentful has developed a perfect, fermented buckwheat-based drink. I have been so bored with oats lately.

Noora, Finland

This is my OMMM!
With its light texture and beneficial bacteria, it's an essential part
of my daily routine.

Līva, Latvia

fermentful customers.png

Green buckwheat not just for your well-being but for a healthier planet

Discover the extraordinary benefits of green buckwheat, a hidden gem hailed as the superfood of the Baltic region. This grain-like seed boasts a powerhouse of nutrition, with its protein encompassing all essential amino acids. Notably, it stands out for being naturally gluten-free and packed with polyphenols, delivering robust antioxidant properties. Dive into the wealth of minerals, including Copper, Manganese, Iron, and Zinc, that green buckwheat brings to the table.

But that's not all—green buckwheat goes beyond nourishing our bodies; it champions sustainability. By enhancing soil quality and eschewing the need for synthetic nitrogen or chemical fertilizers in cultivation, it becomes a beacon of eco-conscious farming. Embracing green buckwheat means a reduction in chemical fertilizer usage, mitigating water pollution and waste. Plus, it actively contributes to maintaining soil health by preserving the delicate microbiome.

For more insights into the incredible journey of green buckwheat, check out this article, where Anda Penka, CEO, and founder of Fermentful, reveals the main reasons why Fermentful has chosen green buckwheat as a key ingredient. Unleash the potential of green buckwheat not just for your well-being but for a healthier planet.

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It's More Than

Just a Drink

By incorporating this wholesome beverage, you not only support your gut microbiome and digestion system but also bolster your immunity and enhance mental well-being.


Discover the multiple ways to enjoy the goodness of Fermentful green buckwheat kefir and elevate your holistic health journey.

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