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Mindful Eating Meditation

Let’s ask a question: What is food for us and what can we get through it?

First of all, there are nutritional needs of our body, right? And we can stop there… Just shove a large piece of food in the mouth as quickly as possible and keep running in search of happiness, peacefulness, and awareness. 

But it doesn’t work like that. 

When you think you understand the flavors, do you really feel them or do you use your brain to identify and experience them at the moment?

Usually, our trained brain knows different tastes and has established expectations for certain food based on our previous experience. 

But it is not reality. Your brain, without a strong connection to your taste buds, is in charge of the process. 

To feel the food we eat in reality, we must pay full attention to it at the moment, like switching off the brains and experiencing a bite anew. 


And this is where mindful eating begins - at the moment when you dedicate your full attention to your meal. Those 10-20 minutes when you close your eyes, feel the taste of each bite, and really enjoy it to the fullest. 


What can it give to you?


  • 20 minutes of easy meditation while eating;

  • Different depth of taste experience;

  • Better digestion;

  • Better assimilation of nutrients

  • The practice of “being in the present moment’’


Join us at an upcoming event to find out how mindful eating can change the way you perceive food. Turn off your brain to experience something new. 

For upcoming events follow the @ginger.bite and @fermentful Instagram accounts or sign up to our newsletter.

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